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About us

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We have been together since 20 years...

... it has been characteristic signs distinguished company DOOR-POL among many other manufactures on polish market. Besides DOOR-POL determinates the profesionalism and quality supplying doors to private houses as well as to offices and public buildings.

High quality, low price, attractive design, short term delivery and customer satisfaction.

Company DOOR-POL has significantly grown in the past twelve months, becouse of modern factory. New factory of doors, situated in Economic Zone "Zarnowiec", is equipped with fully automated technological line.

This technology  guarantee the high quality of product and low price confirmed by international quality certificates ISO 9001 : 2009.

Door becomes part of us. Our's got something to fall in love with them.

Doors manufactures by company DOOR-POL were well designed accordingly to colouristic of furnitures and floors offered by manufacturers. It helps You to arrange the present space as well as new modern projects. Universal design plus wide range of colors makes that presented doors ideally matches to almost all kind of internal decor.

Words will never describe the true beauty of our doors, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer. We hope that ordered the doors to comply with your perfect home decor.

Feel free to familiarize yourself with our offer

Marek Szczepaniak

President of the Board